California Raisins Win-a-mixer April 2020
The Little California Raisin Story

Many, many years ago in 1848 the California ‘Gold Rush’ made a few people rich, but the true richness of the state of California was yet to be discovered.

In 1873, California suffered a terrible drought where they had no rain for several months, with no rain to feed the grapes they dried up and shrivelled on the vines. A clever man in San Francisco sold the dried-up grapes as ‘Peruvian Delicacies’, and the California Raisin was born. Raisins are simply naturally dried sweet grapes. Until medieval times, raisins were the second choice after honey, as a sweetener.

Lots of the world’s supply of raisins comes from California The raisins are dried naturally by the sun in the vineyards. They are picked then left to dry out in the sun for 3-4 weeks on paper trays. When the sun has turned them a dark brown colour, they are collected by hand, cleaned, packed and sent all over the world.

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California Raisins are sun dried naturally by the sun in the vineyards. How long are they sun dried for?