National Raisin Day

April 30th recognises the food holiday known as National Raisin Day.
Use #NationalRaisinDay and share your love for California raisins!

People have been enjoying raisins since the earliest days of civilisation when grapes, drying on the vine, were discovered in pre-historic times. Roman physicians prescribed raisins to cure anything from mushroom poisoning to old age (not as mad as it sounds now we know the antioxidant properties of raisins). Eventually, they became so valuable that two jars of raisins could be traded for one slave!  Click here for further history of our small and mighty California raisin. Raisins are naturally low in fat and contain healthy nutrients. California produces the majority of the world’s raisin supply. Click here for further health benefits of our small and mighty California raisin

The first National Raisin Day was celebrated in 1909 and promoted by the raisin growers of California.
Advertisements placed in papers and on the radio, flyers delivered door to door leading up to the day included recipes, deals, and announcements reminding everyone to celebrate National Raisin Day on Friday, April 30th. When the day arrived, restaurants, dining cars, hotels and steamships around the country included dishes featuring the dried fruit.  Schools, local and state governments were involved in providing education and information about the quality of California raisins and their health benefits. What started out slowly, soon exploded into an annually celebrated event.

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