Rum Soaked California Raisins Scones

Soaked in Rum and California sun… Sounds like a good way to spend your summer, right?!

Well this is the journey a bunch of raisins took to get into my Rum Soaked California raisins and Dark Choc Chip scones… yummy! I used California raisins as they are super tasty due to them being left out in the California sun to dry for THREE WEEKS – can you imagine?! I’d totes love that.

I soaked them in Captain Morgan’s dark spiced rum for 2 days,
just to make sure you can taste the rum – I wouldn’t want it to be wasted, hehe. These scones are
also vegan so you can enjoy making and scoffing them without worrying about the planet – #winning.


1lb Self-raising flour
Large Pinch of salt
6oz Sunflower spread
3oz Golden caster sugar
2 Heaped tsp custard powder
100g Rum soaked California raisins
70g Dark choc chips
2 x Whole egg equivalents of 
 ‘No Egg’ Egg Replacer 
 (1 tsp No Egg + 
 2 tbsp. water = 
 1 egg)
200ml Almond milk
Squeeze Lemon Juice
Dusting Flour

How it’s Done

Makes 10-12 scones

Whack the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6

1 Start with mixing your ‘No Egg’ Egg Replacer in a jug – you need the equivalent of 2 eggs. This stuff is great for vegan baking as it is so light and airy and really helps in the rising of your scones. It’s super cheap as well – 1 box costs about £3 and is the equivalent of over 60 eggs – so it’s a no brainer for the compassionate baker on a budget.

Whisk up the mixture with a fork until it is light and fluffy, then add your almond milk and lemon juice. Whisk well (the fork is fine, no need to use extra utensils – less washing up) and set aside.

2 Whack the self-raising flour and salt into a large bowl. Then add the sunflower spread straight from the fridge so it’s super cold – that way, when the scones are in the oven, the spread melts and forms little pockets of air which helps the little critters to rise.
3 Rub the spread into the flour with your hands or a mixer, until it resembles breadcrumbs (I like to go for a ‘rustic’ breadcrumb). Next, add in your golden caster sugar, custard powder, rum soaked California raisins and dark choc chips 
into the bowl, and stir well.
4 Once you’re happy with how nicely combined the ingredients are in the bowl, pour in most of the jug mixture.

I say most as you may need some flexibility when bringing your dough together, and you’ll also want some spare to brush on top of the scones before they go into the oven – I’d recommend leaving a large dash (I‘ve always been a tad carefree with my measurements) in the jug.

5 Next, grab a spatoola (spatula) and start to bring the ingredients together, folding the mixture in on itself. If it feels too wet then add a sprinkling of flour; too dry and add some of the remaining jug mixture.

Stop with the spatula once the mixture starts to come away from the sides of the bowl, and move it onto a floured surface. ‘Chaff’ the dough (a light form of kneading) until it is has a smooth surface, but do not overwork your dough! Overworking it will cause it to become too elasticated, which will result in an overworked and underpaid scone, that will just not rise in the oven.

6 Rolling pin next! Lightly dust it with flour and roll the dough out until it is 1 inch thick, then dip your cutter in flour (yes, more flour) and cut out your scones. Do not twist when cutting them out! This will give you wonky scones like the leaning tower of Pisa – not what we want.

Pop the scones on a lightly floured baking tray and brush them with any remaining wet mixture from the jug (have you got any left? If not, use some almond milk in a small bowl) and dust them with some flour. Pop in the middle of the oven for 10-12 minutes, until they are golden brown on top and they sound hollow when tapped on their bottom.

7 There you have it! 
Some gorgeously tasty 
scones that can be 
enjoyed at any time 
of day with jam, 
vegan spread, 
biscuit spread 
(I’m obsessed 
with the stuff) 
or anything else 
creative that you 
can conjure up!