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Recipe Treats

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Summer is finally here and we would like to celebrate these long glorious summer nights and share some of our special Summer Recipe Treats……..All these recipes are easy to produce and ideal for a light Summer snack or even to take on picnics…

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What makes California raisins so special? Watch our videos and you might just find out!



It’s a fact that raisins are grown in far-flung places all across the world. We would like to share a few things about what we consider to be the best raisins available.   Take a look around, try a few recipes and pop back to discover new information being added all the time.   California Raisins are available in all the major retailers as both branded and own label products. - If it says California on the pack, its California in the pack.


Why are California Raisins so popular?

Well, they’re 100% natural to start with.  The only elements used to produce California Raisins are plenty of sunshine and mountain water.  With strict production processes and rigorous quality and grading, users and consumers are assured that California Raisins will be clean and ready for immediate use. For more details click here...